Tromsostan Limited

Tromsostan Limited is a Commercial Property Investment Company formed in 1975 and still owned and managed by the founders. It’s flagship, International House was purchased at this time and many other commercial and residential units have been purchased since.

The current property portfolio is mainly centered around:

Orpington, Kent

Tenterden, Kent

Sevenoaks, Kent

Hayes, Middlesex

In 2000 a Residential Property division was formed. Co-Operative Developments specialises in purchasing ‘tired’ homes and then enhancing their values by carrying out improvements. Some residential units have been sold and others kept for rental purposes.

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    International House
    Cray Avenue, Orpington, Kent BR5 3RS

    01959 524328 Telephone
    07887 505625 Mobile
    01959 526794 Fax